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18 March 1928 - 24 May 2024

Andriani, the youngest of five children and the only daughter of Kyriacos and Chariklia Portou, was born on March 18, 1928, in the beautiful town of Lefkoniko.

She attended high school for three years, where her passion for reading and learning flourished, a trait she passed on to her children. Andriani was an avid reader, and before she married at the age of 18, her knowledge of the English language was self-taught.

A distinctly progressive and formidable woman for her generation, Andriani led a rich and cultured life, with religion at its core from a young age. In May 1946, she married Socrates from Ayios Andronikos where they had four children, the late Xenophon, Christakis, Kika and Chariklia. Deeply patriotic, Andriani played an active role in the Cyprus Liberation Struggle from 1955 to 1959. A fearless matriarch, she often confronted soldiers who descended upon her house at the behest of the opposition, accusing her of hiding freedom fighters. In November 1958, while pregnant with Chariklia, her husband was interned for attending a demonstration. She gave birth in January 1959, caring for her children amidst the uncertainty surrounding her husband’s fate.

Regrettably, she did not live to see a free and unified Cyprus.

In July 1961, her husband Socrates travelled to London to visit his brothers, and whilst there, Andriani penned a letter to his brother urging him to assist Socrates in securing a job for them and if so, she would join him in England with the children.

She kept her promise, and by October, Andriani had travelled to London with the children and the family were togther again.

Eventually, they bought a restaurant with family help, where she took charge of the kitchen operations.

By the early 1980’s, life in London had become easier for the family but in September 1989, at only 61 years old, she lost her adored husband to cancer, whom she mourned the rest of her life.

Despite her grief, Andriani’s independent spirit saw her travel far and wide and enjoy holidays in her beloved Cyprus and Greece, visiting family and friends - and making new ones, everywhere she went.

She took pride in hosting and entertaining many people over the years, notably the late President Clerides of Cyprus and his wife, who, in turn hosted her at their summer residence in Troodos.

Andriani was a prolific fundraiser and would often visit the sick from Cyprus and Greece in London hospitals, bringing them homemade food and interpreting for them.

In November 2021, she lost her eldest son Xenophon to cancer, and in early 2023, Andriani was diagnosed with dementia. She was indomitable, however.

Stoic and steadfast in herself amidst profound loss and upheaval, she maintained her sense of humour and sharp wit, and continued to find great joy in her growing family, particularly in her great-grandchildren.

"Always try to help the fellow man in whatever way you can. A telephone call or a visit to someone lonely goes a long way"


Andriani Socrates Protopapas

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Xenophon Protopapas a pillar of the community, a gentleman and the man this foundation is in memory of: " The impossible we can do immediately; miracles take a little longer"


What the Xenophon Protopapas Foundation is all about, our goals, vision and objectives to assist the advancement and enhancement of the Greek Orthodox religion, education and culture in the Diaspora

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Our yearly spectacular charity fund raising event in memory of Xenophon Protopapas. " It's not the years in your life, it's about the life in your years"


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